BigDataComputing workshop organized by JUNIPER (in collocation with EuroMPI/ASIA international conference)

The workshop took place on 10 September 2014 during the EuroMPI/ASIA conference as a 1-day event aiming to bring together researchers from the domains related to data-centric computing for discussion on challenges and possible solutions for data-centric application development in high-performance computing environments. The workshop has resulted in a well-attended and highly successful dissemination event, which sparked a decent outcry in scientific and industrial communities attending the renomated EuroMPI conference.

In particular, the JUNIPER project's outcomes were presented with the papers of Ian Gray et al. "Architecture-Awareness for Real-Time Big Data Systems" and Alexey Cheptsov "HPC in Big Data Age: An Evaluation Report for Java-Based Data-Intensive Applications Implemented with Hadoop and OpenMPI".

The workshop's proceedings can be found at the Link.

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